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Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Kicking bad
Try Mike ott. Danny bierschwal.

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Rachael Lambert
The saga continues…

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Marriage

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Rachael Lambert
You’re “sumthing” else. You got exactly what you deserved. What did you think would be the end result by screwing a married man, harassing and bullying his wife then filing a restraining order against her so that she couldn’t come near her kids when you helped kidnap and hide them at your house? Serves you right that he knocked you up then left you high and dry with no place to live. Get a job instead of drinking and smoking dope in front of your autistic daughter. Quit posting narcissistic selfies on Facebook and maybe try being a grown up. I get that your mom didn’t set the bar too high but you could at least make an attempt at being a responsible person instead of attacking and manipulating people. LOSER.

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Kicking bad
Where the drugs at? No judgment please. Just moved here and can't find any F or m30

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Pos
First if this man is nothing but a manipulative pos. If you know a Danny Bierschwal that lives on timmon way stay clear of him. He will steal take and abuse you. He is nothing but a mooch. He lives with his mom and his brother and another guy w his daughters 2 girls and all they do is drugs. He scams the elders in his neighborhood and anyone he can. For his drugs.. The house is so small that every room is a bedroom. And there is only 2. Kind a fishy. He has hit ever women he has ever been with. He is no good. And sleeps with anyone and will steal you blind.. He lies to your face w every word that comes out if his mouth. He will demean you humiliate you in front of anyone anytime and blame you for everything. I've seen this first hand. His family are all the same. Stay clear of him he has std's everytime you turn around.. he is a horrible person.

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » At home child care with my son, offering child care
I do not know if this is allowed, if it is not please delete it. I am looking to keep children in my home to be able to take care of my son at home and make money. If you are interested please text 573-271-0161 my name is chris.

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Little Caesars
Just had food poisoning 🤮 from dominos on kings highway. Careful

Scott City Topix/Craigslist replacement » Don't Fence Me in.... ... Scott City
Summer will soon be here. Do you remember the time when you could drive to the Barr Pitts to go fishing or just see the beautiful bluffs found just north of town? Do you remember a time when you could drive under the River Bridge to go sightseeing or fishing or to take a trip out to the underground tunnel on Perkins Spring Road? Do you remember a time when you could take the kids to the sandbar to watch the boats go by and go fishing or play in the sand? This has not been just too long ago. All made possible because you had excess to those places using a public road, the public has used some of those roads for hundreds of years, and you still may have a right to use them. Thanks to our elected officials and the special road district, they are now illegally closed. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to get these gates removed through our elected officials. I have spoken with Norman Brant, Mayor of Scott City, Scott County Commissioners, Donnie Keifer, Jamie Burger, commissioner before the election, and now State Representative. Holly Rehder, State Representative, Now State Senator. Amanda Oesch, Scott County Prosecutor Attorney, and many elected officials that swore an Oath of Allegiance to protect the Laws. All in vain leaving only one other avenue to address this blatant offence is through the County Court. For their disregard for the ethical and moral obligation they swore to abide by when they became representatives of the people, hold them accountable for their blatant constitution violation during the next elections. However, I need your help: would you sign a petition? Do you know of an Attorney that would take this case reasonably? Any ideals are suggestions. It is OK to Paste this request to your Facebook account. Please pass it along to other people who may be of interest. Surely, there are some ambitious people that could supply time and advice, if just to support the cause. Please let me know if you might help (RSMo § 228. 110-190) Larry D. Morrill [email protected] net 573 450 9108

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Little Caesars
You are a bunch of unconscionably obtuse filcher and a gross disease-ridden mass of existential impotence!!!!

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Juile talor
Oh juile were art tho

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Chasity johnson
Does anyone know of this girl. . she has bn caught by my girlfriend with her husdand together in his shop... they say there just friends but she has bn staying there from time to time... the shop is in mc clure illionis. . use to b a grocery store.. . his name is frank jackson.. . might b drug related hook ups. . trying to help her get some answers..

Scott City Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Name that dude??
Is it a black bike

Scott City Topix/Craigslist replacement » Name that dude??
I gotta know something or I should I hope somebody knows something, see i seen this guy who is more than a little hott zipping around on this tricked out bike with a motor on it and I would think someone I know would know who he is? Sooo plz if anyone knows, spill it,

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Hand sanitizer
You want hand sanitizer? Get baby wipes and put 70% alcohol on them. Keep them in the car to clean your hands

Scott City Topix/Craigslist replacement » Buying
Buying old coins and currency's, some Indian artifacts and war relies. All collectibles of interest. Larry. Scott City, MO 573 450 9108

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Buying
Buying old coins and currency’s, some Indian artifacts and war relies. All collectibles of interest. Larry. Scott City, MO 573 450 9108

Scott City Topix/Craigslist replacement » Buying
Buying old coins and currencys, some Indian artifacts and war relies. All collecterble of interest. Larry. Scott City, MO 573 450 9108

Cape Girardeau Topix/Craigslist replacement » Hand sanitizer
Anyone know who has hand sanitizer in stock?

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Farms, Farmers Market, Grocers-Specialty Foods, Health & Diet Food Products, Health Food Restaurants (573) 382-3844 834 State Highway V Cape Girardeau 63701 Family Friendly Farm, where the animals have?ˆ¦ No antibiotics, our animals are healthy. No hormones, we allow them to mature and gain weight naturally. No dangerous growth stimulants, (like arsenic) are ever given to our animals! No crowded conditions, each has ample room to run either inside or out at will. No debeaking, tail clipping or other unethical industry standard practices, our animals are never so stressed so they don?ˆ™t lash out at one another. Fresh air, where they can breathe ammonia-free. Built-in exercise program, we always place the food away from their sleeping area. Locally raised grains, custom ground for us to ensure the contents are antibiotic free and miscellaneous meat product free. Moved regularly to fresh grass, to ensure the the grass is actively growing for maximum vitamin intake. Love, as you can see by the quality of care and concern for the well being of the animals.
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