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Tennessee Topix/Craigslist replacement » Town and State Names
I find it highly interesting to see cities with names of other states. I've noticed it about Oregon in Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Missouri. I've also known about Lebanon, Tennessee, and Lebanon, Missouri. Also, I've known about Iowa and Arizona both being cities in Louisiana; Louisiana is a city in Missouri; Florida being a city in Arizona and in Michigan; Texas, Norway, California, Alaska, Wyoming, Holland, Zeeland, and Greenland being cities in Michigan. Michigan and Virginia are also cities in North Dakota. New York is a city in Minnesotan and so is Maine. Scotland and Mexico are cities in Missouri. England is a city in Arkansas. Italy and Puerto Rico are cities in Texas. Egypt and Rome are both cities in Georgia. Delaware, Holland, and Wyoming are cities in Ohio. Indiana and Delaware are also cities in Pennsylvania. Jamaica is also a city in New York.

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