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Barrington Hills Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Reform Lake County
This is why it is also a felony to video/voice record the police/state officials in Illinois. they don't want any record of their wrongdoings to pop up on the internet.

Barrington Hills Topix/Craigslist replacement » Reform Lake County
Due to the abuse of surveillance and investigations abuse by local and county law officers. There should be held accountability which courts do not always offer. Officers in other states are not as hyper or driven to harass people as they do in Illinois over petty investigations. I have read stories in Illinois from credible news and prison groups where individuals were under investigation than wrongfully arrested. Also homeless people harassed at times. The state of Illinois should consider creating a bureau of investigation to take public complaints about officials misconduct and abuse. Many states have their own bureau and seems to work. The public has no way to share concerns with local cop agencies without retaliation. Also redefining warrantless arrests as kidnapping, and making the agency or officer pay fees to arrest a person such as $1, 000 per arrest may help curb wrongful convictions and wasted tax dollars for abuse of power. Keeping people out of court and jail should be the goal of honest, caring officials.

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