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Quincy Topix/Craigslist replacement » La Grange Missiouri
I’m inviting everybody to think twice before going over to Lagrange. I mean I wouldn’t even go to Lewis County unless you absolutely had too. Go to Lagrange Missouri topic form/craigslist/Facebook. Lot there you can read and find out what’s truly been going on in this area for the past 20 years. As you all probably know Fred Westhoff retired back in January I think it was. Believe me when I say he had no choice. If you wouldn’t have retired or resigned he would have been removed from the bench. Everything I’m saying is true.

Quincy Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Lagrange Missouri #MarkTwainCasino
Well I’m real. And I live in Lagrange. I just wanna warn people to stay away from Lagrange and Lewis County. People will not believe what really be going on here Lagrange. I know this much Lewis County judge Fred Westhoff retired recently. And I don’t think he really wanted to. What am I been forced to. And the mayor of Lagrange and other city officials are so worried about the truth getting out that they actually blocked me off their Facebook pages. That’s how worried they are. And I said yes I have found complaints department of justice not only against the city of Lagrange but I guess Lewis County. And eventually this will get out.

Quincy Topix/Craigslist replacement » Re: Lagrange Missouri #MarkTwainCasino
Thanks for posting it on here first although your IP is obtainable, that's how the administration blocks people. If they don't know who you are they can't. But here they can.

Quincy Topix/Craigslist replacement » Lagrange Missouri #MarkTwainCasino
L I advise people in the country area to not travel to Lagrange Missouri to go to Mark twain casino. Do not travel to Lewis County go around Lewis county if possible. I live in Lagrange is dangerous over here. I’ve been numerous attempts all my life over the years. My house is been broken into over 100 times. My car‘s been stolen. The city has cost over $100, 000 damage to my property pit and it was no accident and they put them or like them. The police have not been allowed to stop any crimes against me since 2006. I talk to the FBI. I had a meeting with two Missouri state trooper investigation officers. Back in 2019 and they told me there’s nothing they can do about these crimes they can’t stop them they can investigate them they can’t talk about them. Because Louis county judge is involved with this and soda Louis Chi prosecute the tourney along with city of Lagrange officials and say Lagrange employees. This is all true and I can prove everything I say. Any of you can be the next victim over here. It’s not Mark clean casinos fault. But the casino is a reason people travel over here. What we seen gone in Seattle over the past couple years with the city let crimes happen has been happening right here in the tri-state. Louis county is run by liberal Democrats out of control. This is probably the most corrupt county in Missouri. And I’ve been instructed by a civil rights organization in Missouri to contact the department of justice but which I will do. But advise people to stay away from Lagrange and Louis County Missouri for now. Pass this information to all your Friends and family.

Adams County Topix/Craigslist replacement » Jess chinn
Stacey Gilkerson and summers Eve Jessica chinn have been at it for years. .let ezra or hacker hazel johnson in on the action.

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